Repost Token

Repost Token

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This is a permission token for any instagram account wishing to use my artwork for any promotional interests (whether you are a brand, business, boutique, salon, blogger, etc) to be able to repost my artwork  on their feed to promote their business/service/draw attention to any events or links in bio.

By purchasing this token, you are granted one (1) repost of a single design to your instagram feed only. Tokens must be purchased prior to your post and you must send the name of the instagram handle that the post will appear on to

This is a one time post only, no reposting the same design again. You must purchase another token if you wish to post the same or another design at a later date.

You may not edit the artwork in any way shape or form, including but not limited to filters, “color adjustments”, text, cropping, collaging, removing signatures, etc.

You are still required to credit the work properly as per my guidelines. This includes a highly visible, clickable handle mention (@theebouffants) written at the top of your caption in addition to a tag in the photo. 

This token does NOT give you permission to use the design outside of your instagram feed, reproduce in any way, print, sell, distribute, turn into your profile picture or highlight covers. Any unauthorized use including (but not limited to) what was listed above is subject to legal action. I retain all copyrights for my images.

Any account wishing to use my designs for promotional purposes that does not purchase a repost token prior to their post will be reported to Instagram for intellectual property violation and the post will be removed. Failure to properly credit or altering the artwork will also result in a report and refund after the post is removed. You can read the FAQ about Instagram’s copyright reports here: 

I reserve the right to have a post removed if I do not want my art associated with what you are promoting. Refunds will be given in that case after the post is removed by Instagram.

Note that you will not receive a digital file of any kind, this purchase is a one time permission pass to post a single design for promotional purposes. Art from creatives online benefits your business and attracts people to your page, which is why you are drawn to repost it in the first place 😉

The purpose of this is to tip the creator of the image you are using to benefit yourself because it is only fair that we are paid for our work. Thank you for supporting creatives!